Two Important Things To Consider When Looking For A Walk In Tub

Trying to find the best walk in tub can be a daunting task. At last count, we totaled over ten different manufacturers, and each of them has different models to chose from. Here are two important things to consider when selecting the right unit for you.

Which One Is Right For Your Situation?

Currently many ads are being run in all the media about walk in tubs and showers, and obviously, they are popular since the baby boomers are aging and in need of devices to make life easier.

In these ads, there are senior celebrities selling the tubs with the popularity growing at a rapid rate. So with all these ads showing up on the television, newspapers, and even your search engine on your computer knows how old you are, so which model do you want to chose?

Walk in tubs are a significant expense, so you will want to make sure you make the right decision. We suggest the latest issue of Consumer Reports. They have an excellent article about which is the right one but the problem is they are not in your home when making recommendations. You want to make a choice while looking at the different tubs and how they will function in your home.

In-Home Consultation

Getting an in-home consultation is critical when looking for the right walk in tub since there are so many to chose from. To get a good appraisal of the many different types of tubs and how aesthetically they will look in your home you want a company who will give you a proper assessment.

We found a company based out of Phoenix, AZ called Expert Home Safety. Click here to visit their website. They provide access to a network of highly trained consultants who will come to your home with a licensed Physical Therapist for a free consultation. They will work to understand your situation and can make recommendations that fit your specific needs and wants.

Expert Home Safety is on the top of this market and realizes that you are considering a significant expense. For that, you have to be fully informed about your choices. You can’t make a decision in a vacuum, and you need to see how your choices fit into your home.

Alternatively, for bathroom renovation ideas, we suggest you contact a local qualified bathroom renovator.



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