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Shawn M. Richard’s California business October issue is now available to our members. If you are interested in becoming a member, take advantage of our special offer. It includes 20 of some of the best business ideas we’ve researched and 2 months bonus membership. It’s only $19.

Here’s just a sample of what is in this months issue:

Man’s Crazy Idea Creates Fortune: People thought he was crazy for wanting to buy a pile of old wood, but this man is having the last laugh. You won’t believe how profitable his idea is and what little start-up cost ($300) it took and how easily it could be duplicated if you know what you are looking for!

From the Projects to Multi-Millionaire:

Michele, a California local had a big problem. Recently divorced and struggling to support her young daughters on a part-time teacher’s salary—she needed a way out. Michele decided to sell something that had been in her family for years. You’ll be amazed at how this simple home-based business grew to be a multi-million dollar enterprise!

Business Novice Creates Successful Niche Product:

Pat simply wanted to send some holiday cheer to her friends in California and the feedback she got was amazing. What’s more is she found a hungry group (7 million strong) who would be interested in the type of specialty product she created. This type of product is simple, evergreen and could easily be modified to be something you could do.

15-Year-Old Creates a Multi-Million Dollar Business:

This creative California teenager took a $5 bus ticket and card table and turned it into a successful business enterprise. You’ll be amazed at her humble beginnings and what little capital it took to start this business. Her business model has very low overhead (her living room) and very few products to manage.

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