Home Maintenance Tips to Consider for Every Season

If you want to make sure that your home will continue to run properly and will not have damages over time, then you have to do the home maintenance and safety measures that it needs every season. There are several reasons why a lot of homeowners skip these basic and important home maintenance requirements. It can be due to their busy schedule, or simply because they are not sure of the task they they needs to be done. If you will only keep up with these small tasks, you can already ensure that you home will function well over time. Aside from that, home maintenance that is done periodically can also prevent you from spending on major repairs or if there are any renovations that need to be done, it will be lesser than not keeping up at all on the maintenance needed. Protecting your home from flooding, fire and other damages that can result from neglect is also feasible through these small maintenance items. If you think that the tasks needed for home maintenance is so overwhelming, you can separate them into seasonal chores so that it will be easier for you.

Living in an area where you can experience four seasons will require you to follow a practical task schedule that will work with the maintenance that is necessary for every season. Maintaining the schedule that you have made throughout the years will guarantee that you will not easily forget the task from one year to the other. When it pertains to the winter tips tasks that need to be accomplished at the beginning of every winter season, they are the ones that can help in ensuring that your home will be protected well from the damp or the cold weather. Even if you are living in a warmer area, there are more rain and chilly weather that will be brought by the winter season, hence, you still need to make sure that your home is safe from cold and damp.

The tasks that should be done during winter season are the following:

– Checking the insulation of the pipes in the basements, crawl spaces, and attics, and reinsulate them as needed
– Removing windows and screen doors and replace them with storm windows
– Making sure that the firewood is stored in a dry spot near your home so that you can access it easily
– Cleaning and checking the kitchen exhaust systems and dryer for the clothes, especially the dryer’s duct space
– Ensuring that the attic has proper ventilation that can help run the furnace
– Examining the water hoses that are connected to the appliances, water softener, and water heater to make sure that they do not have air bubbles or cracks and if they do, you have to repair them

Tips for Spring

The cold is usually brought by winter, while spring is the best season for cleaning. Other than that, spring also brings thunderstorms and lightening. That is why the tips that you will consider for routine maintenance during this season should already include prevention techniques for electrical damage. The spring tasks that you should do must include the following:

– Checking the electrical systems of your home
– Testing every ground fault interrupter that your home has
– Ensuring that all of the power surges of your appliances are in place
– Making an inspection and replacing the necessary carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
– Repairing or replacing the extension cords used in your home that are already worn out or damaged
– Replacing the furnace filter that has been used frequently during the winter season
– Preventing the leaks caused by spring rain through checking your roof for any damages that were left unnoticed
– Making certain that your outdoor drainage systems are all working properly and your gutters are cleaned well

Tips for Summer

Even though the summer months are the best time to get out and have fun outdoors, it would be wiser to focus doing summer maintenance on the outdoor tasks that needs to be done and they include the following:

– Repairing and cleaning all the tools that are used for outdoor purposes such as weed eater, lawnmower, and hedge trimmers
– Examining the deck, as well as the patio for signs of deterioration and performing some repairs that are needed for it
– Checking the roof if there are water leaks or any possible damage that was not done during the spring season
– Inspecting the siding, cement areas, and bricks on your home to see if there are chips, cracks, or shifts in the foundation of the brick’s sides
– Sealing the cracks that can be seen in your driveway and garage floor

Tips for Fall Season

When it comes to fall, it is considered as a great time in making preparations for the incoming season of winter. Thus, your attention should be focused on maintaining things that can keep your home warn and safe during the cold winter. The tasks that you should carry out are as follows:

– Ensuring that your entire heating unit is inspected well by a professional, especially your furnace
– Replacing the filter of your furnace as needed
– Checking your home for water leaks that are found on your basement, roof, and even on the appliances that you have such as washer, refrigerator, and dishwasher
– Inspecting and replacing any caulk in the window sills, doorways, and bathrooms, that is beginning to wear away so that you can avoid winter leaks
– Any outdoor maintenance that needs to be carried out before it gets cold outside
– Cleaning and emptying the gasoline of the outdoor tools prior to storing them for the winter
– Ensuring that the generator is functioning well in case you will experience power failure during winter
– Make sure that the chimney flue is inspected and cleaned thoroughly by a professional
– Doing all the necessary repairs before the winter season

Although this list may seem that it is too much too handle, you can just perform them one at a time to make things easier for you. Once you follow these simple and seasonal tips, you will be able to make sure that your home and your family is safe from any damage that can possibly occur due to neglect in home maintenance tasks.

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